Glow Bar

A vibrant bar with hip music.

“Rumba in the Jungle”, Maruba’s lively RumBar, offers a choice of 17 different blends of rum. Maruba distills and infuses its own rums on the premises, of which the most famous are the Viper and Stinger Rum; the rums were the wild creation of the fun loving Nicholson sisters. For the less adventurous who would still like to experience something exotic, there’s a wide selection of milder rums like the Hibiscus, Banana, Pineapple or Jungle Spice rum.

Maruba is known throughout Belize for Its Signature Rum Punch and other Signature Medicinal Drinks such as:

  • Viper Rum known for Real men and woooo…men featuring a snake in the bottle and known for fertility.
  • Mugha, the herbal tonic, which is know as Viagra in the Jungle using Palo de Hombre Stick of Man
  • Stinger Rum for Women, Viagra for Women

Marubian Bar Menu

Prices are in Belize dollars.

Exotic Rum Cocktails

*Marubian Rum Punch 10
Coconut Water with Coconut Rum 10
Local Rum 10
Hibiscus Mojito 15
Hibiscus Daiquiri 15
Fresh Fruit Daiquiri 15
Pine Colada 15


Fresh Fruit 20


Sangria 10
White or Red Wine 18


Belkin Beer 5
Bottled Beer 8

Imported Spirits

After Dinner Liqueurs 18 and up
Ice Coffee with Kahlua 15

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Marubian Fruit Punch 10
Fresh Fruit Juice 6
Coconut Water 10
Bottle Water 3
Herbal Jungle Tea 6
Pineapple Hibiscus Tea 6
Black Tea 6
Coffee 6
Soft Drinks 6
Diet Coke 7

Marubian Signature Drinks

Muhga Viagra of the Jungle Tonic 10
*Viper Rum – Won’t let u down 10

* These drinks are potent!