Nouveau Jungle Cuisine. Jungle to Table.

Merickston Nicholson, the son of the owners of Maruba Resort Jungle Spa, has taken his Austrian, West Indian, and Belizean heritage, along with his passion for creating exotic fine cuisine to a new level and style of cooking at the resort. “I’ve always loved creating new dishes,” states Merickston.The resort is located in the heart of the Mayan jungles of Belize. “I love hiking through the jungle and finding new roots and plants to use in our dishes.”

The resort is situated on 4000 acres of rainforest of which only a small portion has been developed for Maruba Resort. The remaining property has been designed as our own private Jungle Reserve. The jungle is home to many medicinal plants, herbs, spices and wild animals. The recipes are derived from the jungle setting and include wild game, roots, herbs and tropical plant leaves and fruits. I personally taught our Belizean chef new ways of preparing dishes and delicacies. The result is spectacular. Specialties on the menu include wild game such as gibnut, wild boar, and antelope, as well as seafood including grouper, snapper, and lobster. Tropical vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices add special exotic flavors to our vegetarian dishes. A variety of local Jungle Herbal teas freshly picked daily, are a great ending to a fabulous meal. Once you have indulged in our specialties, you will long for Maruba in the heart of the Mayan Jungles of Belize.

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Maruba’s Different Dining Areas

Breakfast and lunch is served in the open aired Garden Patio or Jungle Tree House accompanied by the beautiful songs of residing birds and an occasional visit from a Humming bird getting its regular intake of nectar from the red hibiscus flowers. With a menu at the discretion of the chef, made to order and modified to individual dietary needs, guests are treated to an indulgent experience of letting themselves be taken care of.


Trip Advisor Review “A Hidden Oasis”

“Every single person who served and assisted us during our stay did so with the utmost professionalism. As someone who has eaten in many fine-dining establishments throughout the country, their food and service hands down exceeded some of the top restaurants in the United States. Their food was fresh and everything tasted incredible – presentation was perfect!”

By: Shana A. from California

Trip Advisor Review “… eclectic…exotic…experiential getaway!”

“This resort is mix and match of tropical and rustic worlds… The dining area is like from a movie set: good food, fancy drinks and lovely table decor. One can even lunch in a high rise tree house loft!…”

By: G. Alto Connecticut

Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine

“…You’ll eat well at Maruba, where the chefs prepare nouveau jungle cuisine – a fusion of East of Paris meets the jungle. Perhaps you’ll lunch on water buffalo fajitas and celebrate another day of the good life with a dinner of Eggplant Napoleon or sesame – seared seaweed snapper….”